DazzVape MELTER Ceramic Donut 5pk Coils

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DazzVape MELTER Ceramic Donut 5pk Coils

Ceramic Donut Coils for the MELTER Wax Pen Kit by DazzVape. The Ceramic Donut Coil is an optional replacement coil as it does not come with the original kit but that doesn't stop it from delivering huge, delectable, and clean vapor. Perfect for people who are looking for clean taste and excellent vapor quality. There is also a self-cleaning function, just dry burn until the inside is red for about 10 seconds. The Ceramic Donut Coil will clean itself!


  • Best Wattage: 20-25W / TC 280-380 F
  • Ceramic Coil - Pure & Clean Taste
  • Automatic Cleaning Function
  • Excellent Vapor Quality.

Each pack has 5 pieces each.