Glas Inc. Pod Device

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Glas Inc. Pod Device


The Glas Inc. closed system nicotine-delivery device represents our ultimate achievement. With its aerospace grade engineering & precision assembly, patented battery, and what we consider best in-class performance, it is the ideal choice for the discerning vaper. By combining our revolutionary device with our award winning flavors, we have created one of the most unique and fulfilling vaping experiences possible.

With its origins in aerospace and mobile technology, the Glas device advances the technology in every component of closed-system device. From the power center, the device utilizes a patented ECO battery technology, which allows for full recharging in just 20 minutes, and zero-power degradation across the life of the battery. That means the last hit will be just as powerful as your first. Glas pods feature anti-leak technology and a 1.3ml capacity, nearly double the average competitor. You get more puffs, and none of the mess. For the coil, the device features the industry’s only triple-coil technology, which creates dense vapor, which in turn carries intense, broad-spectrum flavor compounds. This creates a rich flavorful experience every time.

The Glas also features tactile improvements. The recessed LED light, hidden behind the Glas badge indicates battery power, and a military-grade PVD coating over the zinc-alloy device frame, makes sure the device is scratch-resistant. This means if you tuck it into your pocket with your keys, both will come out unscathed.

All of these improvements, even the smallest ones, matter, but what really sets the Glas Closed System apart is the integration of its award winning flavor development with the distinct performance capability of the device. Each puff reveals a different layer of complexity, an exceptional multi-layered blend of flavors, building to a satisfying crescendo, all brought to perfection by the device itself.

Box Contents:

1 x Battery

1 x USB Cable