iCub Card Tank 2pk Replacement Cartridge

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iCub Card Tank 2pk Replacement Cartridge

The Card Tank is specially made for use with the iCub V2 Card Mod. The cartridge is magnetized and will click onto the device with an easy push. The cartridge can be filled with up to 1.5mL of e-liquid and if you would like to get decent vapor production, we highly recommend that you use nicotine salt based e-liquid instead of regular e-liquid. The great thing about the iCub V2 is that you can see how much e-juice you have left in your cartridge through your cartridge tank on the back of your device. 


Size: 45mm x 8.5mm

Capacity: 1.5mL

Resistance: 1.8 ohm

Cartridges sold in packs of 2 only.