Jili Box 1200mAh PCC Charger for Juul

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Jili Box 1200mAh PCC Charger for Juul

J U U L   P O W E R   B A N K

The Jili Box is a personal charging case with personality. The PCC is the shape of an ultra-slim pack of cigarettes but is loaded with technology. Meant for use with the Juul vape device, you can re-charge your Juul on the go with Jili!

  1. When your Juul is almost out of charge, simply insert the device into the Jili Box as you would the native Juul charger
  2. Jili will fully charge your Juul 3 times (at least) before needing a recharge itself
  3. Juul will get fully charged in a short time, usually within 40 minutes (1.5 – 2 hours for Jili)
  4. Keep Jili Box away from heat sources and don't splash or soak Jili in water
  5. A 3 month warranty is offered by Uptown-Tech just in case of a Jili that is not working the way it should

Brand: JILI
Size: 110 x 59 x 14mm 
Weight: 130g
Capacity: 1200mAh 
Output: DC4.2-4.7V
Input: DC5V 
Plug: USB
Color: Black 
USB port: 1 Port
Battery: Li-ion Polymer Battery
Features: Ultra Slim