Julmate Charging Case

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Julmate Charging Case

Do you find yourself breaking, losing, or constantly searching for a place to charge your Juul? Say hello to Julmate, a charging case that charges your vape on the go in one sleek package.

Charge your Juul anywhere, anytime - Dead battery? No problem. Designed by Smiss, Julmate gives you up to four extra power cycles. Just place the Juul in your Julmate, hit the power button, and throw Julmate back in your bag. Best of all, Julmate will give your Juul a full charge in just 30 minutes!

Thoughtfully designed, as all thing should be - Unlike the boxy, cigarette pack-like designs of our competitors, we pride ourselves on having the sleekest, most compact, and thoughtfully designed portable Juul charger on the market. Julmate wants to help eliminate the cigarette, not celebrate it.

One extra charge? Try four! - With an 1100mAh built-in battery, the Julmate Charger provides more power than most competitors. In fact, Julmate will give your Juul over FIVE extra charges... and that's from zero percent battery!

Julmate is smart! - When Julmate finishes charging your Juul, it will automatically power off. That's right, welcome to the future.

Here to charge your Juul, not make it bulkier - The Juul's popularity ultimately originates from its sleek form factor when compared to competing vapes. That is why we designed a case that is meant to be left in your bag to simply to charge the Juul, not stay connected while at full battery.

Never lose your Juul again - With a fully protected clam shell design, you can stop worrying about losing your Juul or breaking it due to external forces. Think of Julmate as your new Juul cocoon, with the added benefit of wireless charging!

Each Julmate box contains a charging cable, instruction guide, and your own Julmate! 

Juul device not included.