Mojo Vape Disposable Pod Kit 60 Count Display

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Mojo Vape Disposable Pod Kit 60 Count Display 

N E X T - G E N   D I S P O S A B L E   E - C I G . (5%/50mg)

Mojo is literally everything you need to get started. This next-gen disposable pod vape was crafted to satisfy your nicotine crave for longer than cigarettes and help to break the cycle of unhealthy smoking. At just 3 inches long, Mojo fits in your pocket and feels great in your hand. With 1.2mL of nic-salt e-juice in every pod, it keeps you keep your nicotine crave satisfied all day long. Since the Mojo is fully charged right out of the box (with 240mAh battery), simply draw to get the flavor flowing. No maintenance required, EVER.

Indulge in 6 different flavors to satisfy your nicotine craving.

Cool Melon - A palate-pleasing combination of cool menthol and fresh fruit.

Ice Pineapple - Menthol freshness with a citrus kick.

Lemon Dessert - Like a sweet baked treat just out of the oven.

Cubano - Savory tobacco flavor with a touch of Caribbean spice.

Menthol - A refreshing infusion of mint that starts cool and finishes even cooler.

Classic Tobacco - A bold Turkish blend to rival any full-flavored cigarette.

This 60 count display comes with 10 each of the 6 different flavors listed above. Put it right next to your register for an easy sale!