Odin II Refillable 5pk Pods

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Odin II Refillable 5pk Pods

Sometimes pods get a little old and it will be wise to switch them out for a fresh one to give you a better flavor. The Odin II Starter Kit is an amazing device that has the ability to try and give you the best vaping experience whenever you want it. However, it will not be able to do so without the help of these refillable pods. You can literally fill them up with 1.5mL of the e liquid of your choice, and start vaping away. Refilling these pods is simple because all you have to do is remove the top cap, remove the gummy stopper from the holes that will allow you to fill up the pod, and start pouring. Be careful not to pour in the middle hole because that will only give you a mess. Once, you are finished, just put back the gummy cover and the cap, and you will be good to go. These pods are leak proof, so you will not have to worry about making huge messes while you are vaping. As mentioned before, these pods can sometimes use a little TLC because over time they might probably not help in giving you the correct flavor of your e-liquid. Good thing this package comes with five Odin II Refillable Pods for you to use. 

Product Features:

  • Pod Capacity: 1.5mL
  • Anti-Leak
  • Refillable
  • Compatible with Odin II Starter Kit
Package Includes:

  • 1 x 5 Pack of Odin II Refillable Pods