Okami Salt - OG Bubba (Kenzo Melon) 30mL

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Okami Salt - OG Bubba (Kenzo Melon) 30mL

Okami Salts presents Kenzo Melon, a watermelon bubblegum flavored salt nic that will leave you craving for more.

Available in 50mg nicotine level in 30mL bottles.

Okami Salts eLiquid is made with salt-based nicotine at higher nicotine strengths without the extremely harsh throat hit. The main difference of vaping salt-based nicotine is the rapid absorption rate into the bloodstream. Although salt-based nicotine does not absorb into the bloodstream as quickly as combustible cigarettes, its absorption rate is quicker than the normal eLiquid which imitates the rush from a cigarette more similarly. Nic Salt eLiquid is specifically designed for pod-based devices and other low output/high resistance setups.
Okami Salts is not recommended for use with RDA's or Sub-Ohm Tanks and other devices.