Pixi Vapor Magnetic Auto Draw Conceal Kit

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Pixi Vapor Magnetic Auto Draw Conceal Kit

Pixi Vapor specializes in providing a premium cartridge battery, which is why this kit is the leading design in conceal kits and even includes a premium tank. Easy to use, simply inhale their easy-to-use auto draw conceal kit and enjoy the benefits of having a small, compact, and stylish system. 

  • Aluminium Alloy Housing
  • Fits Most Wide Cartridges
  • Performance Ceramic Cartridges
  • Button-less Auto Draw
  • 510 Magnetic Adapter
  • 3.7 Volts Output
  • High capacity 350mAh Battery
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 32.5mm x 16.5mm

This little Pixi concealer is a game changing unit and comes with a high performance glass cartridge with a ceramic heater and mouthpiece that you will simply fall in love with. It has a ultra visible battery indicator light through the window that makes you aware when you need to get to a charger, but its high capacity battery makes sure to have plenty of life for the people on the go! Everyone needs a little Pixi in their vape collection.


    1. Remove the ceramic mouthpiece from the Ceramic core tank.
    2. Load essential oils on the side of walls of tank slowly.
    3. Place the mouthpiece back into the tank securely.
    4. Attach the magnetic adapter into the tank and place into the Pixi battery.
    5. Inhale naturally to vape.


    1. Attach USB Charger into the port located at the bottom of the unit.
    2. USB LED Indicator turns red while charging and turns off when charging is completed.
    3. Total charging time approximately an hour.